Installation, Video

One Time Only was my first installation as an artist. The concept of my piece “One Time Only” explored the fleeting nature of media, and how we take for granted that it will be around forever. The content creates this statement through a series of sculptural, textual, and video elements.

In 2001, I watched a show on MTV titled “Spyder Games”, which was a trashy, new-aged soap opera that was sending other programming “running for their broadcast money”, but the show was short-lived and cancelled by MTV. MTV soon forgot about the show, leaving behind a small cult following. Since that time, I have scoured the internet for traces of the show to re-watch the series.

In early 2009, I found the one of the creator’s e-mail addresses, and thought I would send a message to him. To my luck, I was e-mailed back, and with joyous news of one of the limited box sets that were made for the cast was going up an eBay. Instead of agonizing about a bidding war, I made an offer. I was the proud owner a week later.

The installation was comprised of a10-minute trailer showing 5 times (ironic set against the title of “One Time Only”) throughout the night. “One Time Only” refers to the night, not the quantity of times the video was shown, as the people would not have future chance of seeing the content of the show. This video was projected onto a blank LCD screen to encapsulate the concept that the media is not as permanent as we think it is (escaping from the television). A binder accompanied the projection of this video detailing my exploits in trying to obtain these rare materials. In an encased vitrine, the 18-disk box set was displayed next to wall-label and artist statement.

Nothing says intermedia like gay sex, murder, lies, conspiracy, and crystal meth.