Matthew Leavitt, MFA, MEd



Master of Education – Graduated Magna Cum Laude – May 2013
University of Maine, Orono, Maine : Current GPA : 3.90

Concentration: Counseling & Advising / Access to Higher Education

Masters of Fine Arts in Intermedia
– Graduated Magna Cum Laude – 2011

University of Maine, Orono, Maine : Graduated GPA : 3.94

Bachelors Degree in New Media – Graduated Magna Cum Laude, 2008
University of Maine, Orono, Maine : Graduated Overall GPA : 3.52


Youth Move Maine (Director, Statewide) —————————————————————————————– April 2014 – Current

– Creates, supervises and manages Youth MOVE Maine programs.

– Supervises and supports Regional Coordinators in Youth MOVE Maine as well as interns.

– Directs the evaluation of Youth MOVE Maine programs and provides reports and communication to influence systems

– Facilitates dialogue among youth, young adults, families, providers and other community members

– Creates and offers training to youth and young adults to enhance leadership and self-development

– Manages the planning and maintenance of the budget.

– Practice focus including the following core practices: Intentional Peer Support, Restorative Justice, and Youth Development.

– Develops and fosters collaborative community and state partnerships through outreach, networking, and committee participation.

– Develops strategic partnerships with stakeholders at a national level to facilitate communication and system change,

– Directs fundraising and grant writing activities.

– Creates media materials including management of web development and social media promotion.

Eastern Maine Community College (Adjunct Faculty, Bangor, ME) ——————————————————– January 2014 – May 2014

– BCA113 : Computer Applications

– Adjunct Faculty member teaching Microsoft Word & Microsoft Excel

Youth Move Maine (Regional Coordinator, Northern, ME) —————————————————————————————– May 2013 – April 2014

– Create programs for youth age 14-25 in areas of leadership development and peer support

– Participate in research, development, and organizational restructuring

– Host community events & dialogues

– Connect with community partners around the state to help involve youth; community outreach

Upward Bound (Academic Counselor, Various, Orono, ME) —————————————————————————————– January 2005 – May 2013

– Provided In-school academic & personal counseling

– Leader in various positions during 6-week summer program

– Develop and instruct classes, seminars, and workshops

– Supervise students for work experience program

– Served as resident counselor, working one-on-one and in small/large groups and teams

– Provided guidance for college application, financial aid, and scholarship education

Waving Hand Photography & Design (Owner) ———————————————————————- October 2006 – Current

– Professional photography and web design/development, tutoring, and community outreach.

– Designs and develop various media projects and tutorials (video, photo, other)

– Instructs new skills for clients with emphasis on listening, explaining, and reiteration

New Media/Intermedia Department (Graduate Asst., Orono, ME) ——————————————————– September 2009 – June 2010

– Teaching Assistant for New Media college courses

– Assisted with technology and media needs of department


The conferences listed below have given me greater understandings of working with youth and other people as a leader, advocate, and community member to develop specific advising skills for working with students.

Georgetown Training Institutes for Children’s Mental Health
Washington, DC // 2014

Attended Seminars, Workshops, and Institutes:

– Leadership Camp for Directors and Emerging Leaders of Family and Youth-run Organizations
– The Power of Story Telling: Digital Voices in a Digital Age
– Innovations in Social Media: How to Move Social Marketing Forward
– Helping Diverse Families Support Their LGBT Children: An Evidence-Based Framework and Guide
– Leaders of Advocacy
– Youth an Young Adults in Transition: Policy and Tools for Effective Transition Services

Great Meetings Facilitation Training
Westbrook, ME // 2014

– Attended training on facilitation methodology

Youth Leadership Advisory Team Teen Conference
Orono, ME // 2013

– Attended conference devoted to youth in foster care and those that care for them.

Policy Seminar: Advocating for Educational Programs
Washington, DC // 2012

– Selected as the state TRIO alumni to attend advocacy training for TRIO programs across the nation for low-income, first generation, and other students who may need additional assistance in educational goals

Health & You
University of Maine, Orono, ME // 2012

– Designed, coordinated, and presented program to students regarding nutrition & healthy living

Maine Educational Opportunity Conference for Counselors
Rockland, ME // 2011, 2012

– Attended workshop with varying topics surrounding issues for counseling and working with students

College Board Workshop
Bangor, ME // 2010, 2011, 2012

– Attended workshop

highlighting college prep, financial aid, and changes for The College Board

Student Development Association
Orono, ME // 2012

– Member of student led organization to promote professional development for students on campus

FAME (Financial Authority of Maine) Conference
Bangor, ME // 2010, 2011

– Attended workshop surrounding topics of financial aid and financial literacy

MASFAA (Maine Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators) Conference
Camden, ME // 2010

– Attended workshop surrounding topics of financial aid and financial literacy

Interpersonal Skill Profile

Group Settings: Working with students in groups with various focuses including but limited to; cultural diversity, academic, sexual health, nutrition and fitness, liberal arts, mental health, bullying, financial literacy, career preparation, and personal experiences.

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Individual: One-on-one meetings with students in an academic setting to focus on college aspirations as well as academic and personal development.

Supervisory: During the summer program of Upward bound, working in various position supervising students and staff, developing programs, orientation, and workshops for both, and tending to technical responsibilities of the job. Director of regional staff and various programs.

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Technical Skill Profile

  • Computer Skills (Advanced)

Adobe Suite, Microsoft Suite, Mac & PC operating systems, Content Management, Web Development, Blackboard, MaineStreet; quick learner when it comes to technology, computers, and software.

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  • Advising/Counseling

Academic, career, and personal advising in a high school and college setting.

Background in working with diverse student populations with knowledge of development theory with a specific research background in first-generation, low-income, at-risk population, as well as TRIO.

  • Communication & Interpersonal

Supportive, works well in team or individually, effective oral and written communication, organized, understanding, and adaptable.