Welcome to Waving Hand

Waving Hand : What I Am About!

I have been working with computers and design my entire life. This is actually my 5th iteration of my portfolio, but this time things have changed. I now run my own small business working with community members and individuals on various projects from personal

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photography to organization’s web sites. My primary goal is to foster positive relations within the community, give a good price, and help people out. If my services can somehow aid other people, then I feel good about what Waving Hand can do. Also, Waving Hand refers to the multifunctional meanings of a hand wave. It can mean hello, goodbye, be magical or funny. Whatever the occasion, welcome to Waving Hand! *Waves*

What do I do?

Service name Service name
My primary line of work is in creative production. Most of my professional life is dedicated to photography and web design, but I also can
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help with video, social media, and other forms of technology.

Tutoring & Help Tutoring & Help
Part of my media voyage has involved helping adult learners with various systems of technology ranging from updating operating systems, hooking up wireless networks, learning photoshop and other programs, as well as a variety of other tasks.
Various Web Installations Various Web Installations
Mainly dealing with WordPress solutions to set you up with a good design, start your website, then teach you how to update and maintain the website, so you can be a self-sufficient organization.
Community Involvement Community Involvement
For many years I worked primarily on independant art projects (many seen in the portfolio section), but after I expanded out to do photography and web design for other people, I realized that I love working with people in my community. This love has grown and I do some volunteer work (Bangor Roller Derby photography) utilizing my skills. If I can help out the people around me with my skills, it makes my job better in variety of ways
Art & Media Art & Media
My actual skills and business are rather practical, but my

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love for creative production expands to other areas. I have background in installation and video, primarily. My educational background is in new media, intermedia, and sociology.

Affordable Affordable
With a focus on community and outreach, my prices are very affordable in comparison and I am always willing to work with people. People should not have to break the bank if they want some photographs of their family.